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Steel windows are for life

Aesthetically pleasing, high performing, and with a heritage dating back to the 1920s, steel windows are strong and durable and, with their slender glazing bars and characteristically large areas of glass, can be expected to last the life of the building, if properly maintained.

Modern steel windows made by Steel Window Association Members are double- glazed, thermally-efficient and benefit from good security, durability and ease of maintenance. The steel frames are generally hot-dip galvanized and have a high quality, factory-applied, polyester powder coat finish to ensure they remain rust-free and will not need to be painted for at least twenty years.

Older windows did not have the same protection as those made today but huge numbers are still in use thanks to regular care and maintenance. Should the need arise, they can be overhauled on site or in the workshop by Steel Window Association members. Such work may range from basic ‘ease and adjusting’, so that they open and close better, to full refurbishment.

Steel windows, like any other building element, should be checked at regular intervals. Simple measures include always having the metal frame surfaces of windows washed down at the same time as the glass is cleaned, and undertaking an annual inspection of weatherseals, joint sealants and working parts. Light lubrication of hinges, pivots, handles, stays and catches will ensure they stay in good working order. This small investment in maintenance will do much to ensure the trouble-free performance and long life of steel windows.