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When it comes to high traffic doors steel is the obvious material: extraordinarily strong yet stylish enough to enhance the décor of even the most up market shopping centre, hotel, department store or commercial entrance.

It's always possible to create cheaper entrances but few if any systems are more elegant.

One example is the Schueco Jansen Janisol thermally insulated glazed steel door which is now available from all members of the Steel Window Association. This is a flush fitted door system so it's a suitable choice for structurally complex single and double-leaf installations that have to be strong and stylish. Maximum leaf dimensions up to 1300mm wide x 2800mm wide.

The use of high quality insulating bars means that they are extremely rigid despite a slim 60mm profile. If extra strength is required for really heavy use it is easy to add structural reinforcements.

Where thermal insulation is not a priority the Economy 60 steel glazed door may be used. Its simple profile geometry, slender structures and maximum stability, all allow for streamlined production and economical assembly. Yet single and double-leaf doors, with moving and/or fixed glazing toplights and side lights are also possible. Maximum leaf sizes up to 1300mm wide x3000mm high.