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Renovation and Modernisation

For listed buildings or buildings of special interest such as those in conservation areas, renovation is often preferable to replacement. A sympathetic refurbishment of existing steel frames can better maintain the original appearance of the building and may be more cost effective and sustainable than replica replacements.

Provided that the steel is not badly corroded, the following refurbishment work can generally be undertaken on existing windows:

  • Servicing, easing and adjustment of opening windows and doors for good operation
  • Replacement of defective or missing ironmongery including hinges and pivots
  • Removal of broken or cracked glazing
  • Replacement of lead lights
  • Tightening or replacement of coupled frame intersections and perimeter fixings
  • Replacement of damaged weatherseals
  • Re-introduction of perimeter and window mastic seals
  • Replacement of glazing beads
  • Removal of glazing mastic and putty
  • Treatment of rusting frames including replacement of defective sections
  • Redecoration of painted surfaces.

In addition to rectification works, existing windows can also be upgraded to enhance their acoustics, thermal insulation, ease of operation and security with:

  • Glazing upgrades
  • Replacement of ironmongery
  • Introduction of security locks
  • Additional weather sealing.

For a full list of SWA members that undertake renovation work, please contact the SWA.