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The SWA answers 9 of the most important questions surrounding steel windows

1.   Do steel windows rust?

Modern steel windows positively rustproofed by the hot dip galvanizing process and subsequently polyester powder coated, together with brass and stainless steel hardware, will provide as good if not better durability than is offered by competing materials.

2.   Do they come in a colour finish?

Steel framed

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SWA member provides steel windows for the renovation of award-winning Hadlow Tower

Rising to 170 feet, Hadlow Tower in Hadlow, Kent, was in a sad state before its recent renovation. Among the many elements of the Grade I listed structure that had to be repaired or replaced by specialist contractors were the windows.

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The Steel Window Association announces new member Midland Metal Windows

It’s the Steel Window Association’s (SWA) role to ensure that architects, contractors and homeowners know that steel windows, with their slender sight-lines and extended lifecycle, are ideal for a wide range of construction projects. Membership is reporting strong activity across the

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SWA members see ‘Belgium doors’ making a comeback

As in the fashion world, architecture tends to be cyclical with UK designers having revisited everything over the years from Tudor beams to vertical tile hanging. Steel windows, for their part, have remained an enduring element to both domestic and commercial buildings – favoured for their slim sight-lines combined

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New website developed for SWA – to optimise results for members and spread the word of steel windows

Steel Window Association is the sole voice of the steel window industry and, as such, has developed the website, www.steel-window-association.co.uk, to meet the demands of members, architects and homeowners.  The members know a lot about steel – and all the information is there for easy perusal.

Aside from the product-led

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Join the SWA and reap the benefits of belonging to a recognised trade organisation

The Steel Window Association (SWA) represents the great majority of UK steel window manufacturers, ranging in size from the smallest of craft-based companies through to large, multi-site companies. There is not a steel window project of any description, anywhere in the

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W30 – the slimmest steel windows complying to all current Part L building regulations

Designed for energy efficiency, W30 steel windows from Steel Window Association members are the slimmest steel window range currently on the market complying to all current Part L building regulations.

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SWA member provides steel windows for Surrey barn

Aesthetic, conservation and planning requirements can make the introduction of glazing into barn conversions difficult but steel windows supplied and installed by Steel Window Association member, West Leigh Limited, have provided the answer for one Surrey barn.

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SWA members praised for their part in The Aldwych Quarter redevelopment of BBC Bush House

A key aspect to the transformation of the former BBC World Service buildings to form the new Aldwych Quarter redevelopment has been the restoration and replacement of the ageing steel window frames. The project was successfully completed by two members of the Steel Window Association - Associated Steel Window

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SWA member supplies W20 windows and doors for Bermondsey Town Hall

The windows of The Town Hall in Spa Road, Bermondsey, which was built in 1881, were replaced by Steel Window Association member, West Leigh Limited, in the late 1980’s. The local council vacated the impressive building in 2010 and it has now been reborn as luxury apartments from Hollybrook

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W40 steel screens offering stylish performance

The doorsets and screens now available from members of the Steel Window Association offer specifiers the ultimate blend of style, security and sustainable performance.

As the most modern version of the traditional W20 steel window, the W40 system achieves continuity of style with similar attributes in terms of slenderness

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Terminating opposite its famous beach, close by the pier stretching out into the English Channel, Brighton’s railway station is part of the resort’s most recognisable structures, and an important part of its architectural heritage. When it came to undertaking significant refurbishment work to the building, local conservation officers sought

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Always seeking to ensure that steel windows are up to date when it comes to meeting relevant safety and other regulatory requirements, the Steel Window Association (SWA) has had the fire performance of the systems re-validated under current European law.

As a result a new five year approval has been

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More than 150 old style steel windows have been replaced around the elevations to the Bethnal Green Town Hall in London’s East End by a member of the Steel Window Association, vastly improving the thermal performance as well as the visual appearance of the property.

RARE Architecture contacted West Leigh

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Waterfront warehouse apartments and New York style lofts may be in short supply, but home-hunters and developers seeking to create some of the special character, without sacrificing physical performance, should look no further than the latest W30 steel windows available from members of the Steel Window Association (SWA).

Manufactured using

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Members of the Steel Window Association (SWA) have invested further in the development of the W40 system in order to keep pace with the expected revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations.

It is anticipated that the requirement for the energy performance of windows will be further reduced, meaning

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An architectural practice renowned for the design of bespoke residential properties has employed W40 steel screens and doors for a project in Suffolk that makes the maximum connection between interior and exterior space, as well as optimising energy performance.

Walk Barn Farm has been designed by Charles Barclay Architects on

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With over 60 years in the steel window industry behind him, Steel Window Association (SWA) Technical Consultant Peter Johnson gave a unique take on the window business in his retirement speech at the recent SWA AGM in London.

At Peter Johnson’s final SWA meeting he gave an informative and entertaining

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Many specifications and orders received by members of the Steel Window Association (SWA) are prompted by a project’s need for strength and security – physical characteristics where steel frames are unmatched amongst fenestration solutions – yet there are countless others where the client has been attracted by the distinctive

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A London based member of the Steel Window Association has been involved in a steel window replacement contract for a theatre in the city’s East End, which has not only helped maintain the authenticity of the building’s architecture, but also significantly reduced energy loss through the openings.

The contract for

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