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The SWA worked in conjunction with the leading UK-based hardware company, Basta Parsons (an SWA member) on the development of the multi-point locking system which is supplied to manufacturers as a kit of parts, suiting all size options within the W40 range from 600 mm up to 2400 mm in height. Coated steel rails fit within the hollow steel frame sections and are moved by the handle to activate the cams and locking studs. Such is the strength of the arrangement that any would be intruder cannot lever or force the opening light, other than by breaking through the glazing. There is also the option of a night vent position.

The System has achieved the prestigious “Secured by Design” approval.

James Barrett of Basta Parsons explains: “The multi-point locking system we have developed for steel window manufacturers deploys similar types of studs and keeps as are successfully used on frames in other materials and it is no more difficult to install.

“The main difference between this and other systems on the market is it is much more robust, with a heavier duty handle that still maintains the overall aesthetic of the SWA’s W40 system. This respects the slender sight-lines of the W40 sections, despite the fact that the weight involved in the action that aligns the studs is far greater in a steel window.”

This advancement in the design and sophistication of steel framed windows is already seeing them specified for many more buildings which can be considered as vulnerable to attack or even unauthorised egress by occupants. Such locations include police stations, custodial accommodation, hospitals, secure mental units and pharmacies. Schools and commercial premises also remain important market sectors for steel window manufacturers.