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Ironmongery to complete the steel window aesthetic

With their slender sections and narrow sightlines, steel windows and doors contribute architectural style and fluency to a building but the look is incomplete without the associated handles, stays and hinges. Steel Window Association members offer a wide range of bespoke ironmongery, embracing everything from items with a conservation-style period finish to those that make a cutting edge design statement.

Ironmongery plays a big part in the way a window functions and its overall security and fit so all fittings are tailored to suit the style of the window and the needs of the end user.

Window handles are available in a range of styles including straight and standard scroll in both locking and non-locking versions. Other options are butterfly handles, folding openers and notch bow handles. Stays can be selected in sliding versions as well as more ornate monkey tail or shepherd’s crook designs. Hinges include extended friction and close fitting styles.

For an individual look, a mould can be made and the fitting produced in a traditional way using a casting process. With this method, almost any existing handle or stay can be replicated. Locking mechanisms to doors include traditional mortice locks with lever handles and shoot bolts. Less obtrusive options comprise variable geometry hinges, friction pivots and multi-point locking bolts concealed within the profiles.

Ironmongery is available from Steel Window Association members in a variety of finishes; including satin chrome and bronze toned, as well as more ornate brass products or polyester powder coated in a wide range of colour options.

* Picture shown supplied by Mike Honour Windows