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The Association, established as a separate organisation in 1967, has its origins in the Metal Window Federation formed in the 1920’s. It has a record of co-ordinating and promoting the activities of steel window manufacturers and associated companies that stretches over more than 80 years.


How can the SWA help you?

  •  The SWA maintains a much consulted website and publishes a Specifiers’ Guide and Fact Sheets  to advertise members’ best practice to a wide audience.
  •  The SWA provides for its members collective technical research, thermal analysis, product testing and development. It works closely with the major hot steel supplier, Montanstahl, who are also Associate members of SWA.
  •  The SWA operates an accreditation service for its members that is recognised by the British Fenestration Rating Council for the issue of energy rating certificates.
  •  The SWA is registered with the BFRC as a systems company with its own collectively developed  energy rated products, marketed exclusively by members under the BFRC banner and giving them easy demonstration of compliance with the energy conservation Building Regulations at modest expense.
  •  The SWA Enquiry Service responds to technical and commercial questions from professional specifiers, contractors, government agencies and private individuals. It then puts prospective customers directly  in  touch with members so that your company name is kept in front of specifiers and homeowners,
  •  The SWA provides information to members on technical research and product development, reference material, supply sources, market surveys, contractual data and manufacturing know-how.
  •  The SWA represents members’ views and interests in British and European standards bodies, centres of window technology, and other related trade associations, and plays an active role in the formulation of  new and revised standards. The SWA participates in fenestration industry bodies with access to government and vigorously defends its members’ interests in consultations on ever-changing regulation and legislation.
  •  The SWA subscribes and gives you access to the Glass & Glazing Federation, FENSA, British Fenestration Rating Council, Construction Products Association & British Standards Institution.
  • The SWA Sales Development Group promotes you and your products through an extensive public relations and marketing programme.

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 On joining, all members are entitled to display the SWA logo on their stationery and will be supplied with all current SWA published documents.

For further details and an information pack, please email info@steel-window-association.co.uk