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50 Shades of steel

Invented in the 1880s, and synonymous with the Art Deco era, steel-framed windows and doors are enjoying a massive style revival right now, and the trend is set to soar in 2017. ‘Flick through virtually any glossy magazine or brochure - not just those dedicated to interiors – and it’s likely you’ll come across steel windows in some shape or form,’ says Darren Lloyd, spokesperson for the Steel Window Association (SWA). ‘They’re even in the latest Diet Coke adverts and the movie Fifty Shades Darker.’

The appeal of steel is easy to appreciate: monochrome steel frames feel contemporary, yet work equally well on historic properties. Inside, steel is proving a contemporary way to define ‘open plan’ spaces, without shutting out light. Any decent fashion analyst will tell you that media saturation is a key trend influencer but, as permanent fixtures, built to last, it’s now more important than ever that homeowners and architects realise the true benefits of specifying steel. ‘The lifespan of steel ensures its current popularity isn’t a fleeting fad,’ agrees Darren Lloyd, ‘So it’s essential to source steel windows from an accredited, skilled manufacturer that can ensure energy performance and long-term durability.’

Fortunately the SWA, which boasts some of the UK’s leading steel window manufacturers as members, can help. Offering technical advice, design inspiration and a directory of reputable steel suppliers, the SWA is a go-to for anyone ready to commit to the steel trend.